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Nickname: StoatInACoat StoatInACoat's car
Name: Adam
Member Since: 11th November 2008
Total Posts: 898
Region: Central London/ Maidstone 
Country: United Kingdom 
Graphic designing, 6 ft 4" Clio driving professional contortionist. Been into cars forever and have worked my way up from old French bangers to a slightly faster old French banger. Unhealthy obsession with tinny hatchbacks, old Jaguars, RS Fords, BTCC, beer, mountain bikes and being a general car bore.

Expert in the dark art of London commuter traffic driving and as a by product have a large glossary of invented swear words and colourfull descriptions for minicabbers and errant cyclists. Not managed to run over a traffic warden yet - must try harder.

Keep having to resist bankrupting myself to buy a Sapphire Cosworth and sacrificing food/shelter etc to run it.