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Nickname: taylormj4 taylormj4's car
Name: Matt
Member Since: 1st February 2002
Total Posts: 1,298
Occupation: Chartered Engineer 
Region: South Wales 
Country: United Kingdom 
Things fixed and tweaked (not particularly advanced stuff but email me if you want to discuss or any help or photos):
Handbrake ratchet failed (bolt fell out), Alarm siren (wouldn't shut up), Faulty brake light circuit, Microwave alarm sensor kept going off), Steering rack gaiters and input shaft seal, headlight circuit board/dashboard design fault, clutch master cylinder (leaking), throttle pot mod/adjustment, air flow meter testing, water leaks into cab (most sources experienced and resolved!), heater control repair, brake disc replacements, headlamp adjusters, ACT smooth bore induction kit, windscreen wiper park switch / gearbox and drive overhaul, numerous leaks, carpet replacement, hood repairs, fuel line replacement, base idle setup, lower ball joints, ARB drop links