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Nickname: KM666 KM666's car
Name: Linseed Honeypot
Member Since: 21st January 2009
Total Posts: 1,410
Occupation: Groundskeeper/English assistant. 
Region: Ne Ge 
Country: Italy 
My Website: http://www.youtube.com/user/theprodicalsonishere
Not much 'proper' (track) experience bar a few airfield blasts, luckily for me I had many many goes in a 172 clio since about the age of 16, had a go in an accord type R on gravel, and did a bit of driving practice before passing in an Impreza Turbo, sadly yet to try it at full chat on private land.

A highlight of all things mechanical I have driven was a mates NSR125 powered go kart, frankly it was a bit silly. 90mph on tarmac, 60mph on grass and no brakes or clutch... The joys of being a teenager.

I know my youtube account is spelled incorrectly, but what ya gonna do?

Some nice roads round this way.