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Nickname: Miguel
Name: Miguel
Member Since: 2nd March 2002
Total Posts: 1,030
Region: Florida 
Country: United States 
Notes: My main automotive interests are cars that are very small, light, responsive, and fun to drive. The best examples of these come from the British cottage industry, such as Lotus (even though it belongs to a large, non-British company), TVR, Noble, Caterham and other Sevens, Ariel Atom, etc.--all cars that are not available in the US, except for the Seven and clones. Unfortunately, for the most part, the mainstream car manufacturers are totally out of touch with what enthusiasts really want in a car, thus even Porsches and BMWs have become too heavy and bloated and are boring to drive, even though their capabilities are unquestionable. Even Ferraris are becoming too heavy, though I can't comment on how they are to drive, never having driven one. Clearly their focus has shifted too, as a design priority of the F360 was that it should be able to carry a golf bag. Of the few mainstream cars that are still enthusiast oriented, only a precious few are even available in the US, where I live, making it even harder to find something good. If I could have just one car that would serve all my automotive needs, it would have to be a TVR, but what model? I'd want a Griffith 500, a Tamora, or a Cerbera 4.5, but preferably all three.