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Nickname: Marty Funkhouser Marty Funkhouser's car
Name: Marty
Member Since: 17th March 2009
Total Posts: 4,667
Occupation: Larry's Best Friend 
Region: London 
Country: United Kingdom 
My Website: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3o5m_mXadoU
Marty Funkhouser is one of Larry's oldest friends. Despite this, he and Larry tend to disagree on many topics such as whether or not he is too old to be called an orphan, and he also argues that Larry is his best friend, which Larry constantly tries to refute. He has a wife, Nan, and one daughter, Jodi, who is a lesbian, as well as a sister with mental health issues named Bam Bam (Catherine O'Hara). He is often very methodical and by-the-book about most of his actions and puts much emphasis on family first, making sure the entire family takes one opinion on a certain matter. Despite that, he has been known to take credit for things which may or may not necessarily apply to him. Funkhouser is an avid golfer, golfing at the same country club as Larry and Jeff. Funkhouser first appeared in the fourth season episode "The Weatherman." He uninvitedly turns up to Seinfeld reunion rehersals, much to Larry's dislike, he also befriends Jerry Seinfeld with a joke that ends 'Oh and by the way your censoreds in the sink'.