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Nickname: burriana burriana's car
Name: Alasdair (al)
Member Since: 4th February 2003
Total Posts: 16,538
Occupation: Advertising Agency Account Director 
Region: North Yorkshire, the one with all the scenery! 
Country: United Kingdom 
My Website: http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=702039498

In 2003 this went to Spain!

This went to Spain too and on the inaugural Eurohoon 04!

BT&P - 2004 was a good year

After a dream first inspired by a yellow 350i in full flight near Harrogate in 1988, got my first TVR in Feb (03), a bright red Griff 500 - BIG fun or what!!! August (03), drove it down through France, over the Pyrenees and down to Costa del Sol over two very hot days... it didn't miss a beat for the whole of the 4000 mile round trip! Have since done the trip to Spain again in Aug (05) in a bright yellow Ferrari 348 Spider... then moved onto something German with a big whaletail and red wheels ... that went to Monaco on MegaHoon 06.

Then swapped the subtle white one for a not so subtle yellow one ...

However, second time round was not to be so, I went back to a red Italian one...

Ready for Le Mans 08

After many happy years and 250,000 miles, the trusty Uber-cruiser has now been replaced with a slightly sleeker model

After taking the previous red one off-roading, which it didn't like very much, I got a more sensible, grown up, sedate model smile

And as I was missing all the topless action, we have just got this for Louise's daily hack

Z4 2.5 SE... not the fastest on the block but verrry preeety smile