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Nickname: ChemicalChaos
Name: M G
Member Since: 5th December 2010
Total Posts: 6,633
Occupation: Student 
Region: Cheshire/University of Liverpool 
Country: United Kingdom 

"Some say he once destroyed a science classroom during an open evening demonstration. All we know is, he's called ChemicalChaos"

Currently a 2nd year undergraduate the University of Liverpool, studying Chemistry. Previously spent 3 years making a complete hash of Aeronautical Engineering at Bristol University
If it has wheels, an engine or wings, I'm usually interested in it (or a skirt for that matter..)
A middle-Englander who also happens to be a massive American-o-phile, who likes 80s big-hair rock and leans more to UKIP than studenty left wing causes: I'm not your average 23 year old!

Hobbies include:
  • Glider flying
  • Steam Traction Engines
  • BUKC kart racing
  • Clay Pigeon Shooting
  • Cider drinking
  • Hooning

Fings wot I 'ave driven:

Boring stuff:
- Small eurobox hatchbacks with L Plates
- Golf buggy
- Utterly knackered Pajero

Interesting Stuff:
- Various Land Rovers
- Daimler Ferret armoured scout car
- Alvis Spartan APC
- Formula Student race car
- Miniature traction engines
- Fowler 10-ton steamroller
- Burrel 10-ton traction engine
- Aveling and Porter 8-ton steamroller
- A variety of sports quad bikes
- Single Decker Bus
- Reynolds-Boughton RB44
- Club100 racing kart