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Nickname: chilistrucker chilistrucker's car
Name: neil
Member Since: 5th September 2011
Total Posts: 2,899
Occupation: lorry driver 
Region: south east 
Country: United Kingdom 
Like most here, I have an interest in all things automotive, and recently got interested in cooking, when I have the time.
Also into music of all kinds, rock mainly.
Been drivjng wagons for 20 years n ow, passed my test at 23, so fairly well travelled, around the u.k and europe!
For the last 6 years I' ve mainly worked in the music industry, carting bands gear on tours all over the place from manchester, to madrid, to moscow, etc.

I love my job, I wish alot of people had a better understanding of trucks and what they do, but I'd nev er defend bad lorry driving, elephant racing etc!

Favorite cars driven, were an e34 bmw, m5, (mine) and a ferrari f430 spyder, not mine.
Dream car, for me it has to be the f40 smile