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Nickname: TorqueWench TorqueWench's car
Name: That's Miss TorqeWench to you.
Member Since: 18th April 2012
Total Posts: 51
Region: London 
Country: United Kingdom 
The girl your mother warned you about? Probably! The sort of girl you meet every day? Not likely.
Mechanic 10 years now working in software & music Cars as a hobby rather than a full time job
these days. I believe car modding should be about fun. Whether its an understated
Mercedes or a MK 2 Ford Escort with spoilers & an 80mm drop, each is an expression of
the owners personality. And to this end I cant stand car modification snobbery or elitism.
Since people generally buy a car within their budget, to sneer at somebodys car is to
make fun of their station in life. And that kind of thing just rubs me up the wrong way let
me tell you!
My spare time consists of car tinkering, computer building, driving, poring over software,
making music, laughing, going to car shows, electronics, engineering, gadgets. So I suppose
you could say I'm a bit of a geek.
Forums are generally full of tossers and trolls these days & Im too old for egos and agro so I tend
to lurk rather than get involved.
"If you don't know whats going on under the bonnet you're just a dumb ass b!tch in a fast car to me sweetheart" ;)