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Nickname: Pot Bellied Fool
Name: Dunc
Member Since: 26th July 2004
Total Posts: 1,760
Occupation: Internet Geek 
Region: Merseyside 
Country: United Kingdom 
My Website: http://www.bnimerseyside.com/memberdetails.php?memberId=1167808&
I grew up in a motoring family, Dad worked for a large Motor Factors so I remember walking round bodyshops & looking at crashed cars from an early age!

...and I still love the smell of Isopon P38, Gipfast60 & of course, Swarfega!

Though these days I earn my crust as a geek for hire, electronics & RF is where it started but now I'm into the marketing, psychology, wordsmithing & black arts that make up SEO, Social Media & Web Visibility. Want to know more? Just ask - will work for beer & pizza...

Just some of the bangers I've owned:

1st Car - 1982 Triumph Acclaim. A much under-rated car, cheap to insure with a decent Honda engine.

Then a Bedford Astravan - good solid company van that I used when servicing early radio base stations for a mobile phone network but that was followed by...

Suzuki Swift GTi - pocket rocket. No top end but fun on the way! Only car I've bought new.

Pug 205 Diesel, Sierra 2.3D, MG Montego (Argh - the rust!) and even an Ambassador (Lord forgive me, I was broke).

A brief spell with an Orion taxi and then back to Company cars with a Pug 405 diesel (good car), Astra 1.7TD (broke down with only 40 miles on the clock) and a Vectra (shudder).

Then back to funding my own so a Volvo 240 (built from planks & girders) was followed by an Escort van, BMW 5 series touring, Cavalier & then a battered 850.

The battered 850 gave way to a rather nice V70. Much better, particularly the T5 logo on the back...

Always wanted one of those but it's gone now - to pay for a wedding & went back to a chuggy Escort van for a while.

Well, I was but that got stolen so since then I've had another T5 (head gasket went frown ), a Toyota Avensis that I taxi'd when times were hard (big end went on that one) and then my Wife's cast-off Colt. Battered but a good little engine but now gone to the NCP in the sky so it's a C200 at the moment soon to give way to something newer. Possibly Volvo, possibly Saab. Who knows.

Update: C200 electronics went but picked up a mint 2001 Omega 2.2 with only 55k on the clock - ideal for towing the caravan!

Yes, I've turned into the person I despised, a caravanner - however, I at least make progress & pull over to let faster traffic past where possible. It's good fun!