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Nickname: crmcatee crmcatee's car
Name: Craig
Member Since: 10th May 2005
Total Posts: 4,761
Region: Middle of nowhere in Canada most of the year/Kent 
Country: United Kingdom 
My Website: http://www.craigmcateer.co.uk/
Having had a Dax Cobra and a Defender 110, I sold the Cobra and over a short period of time I just couldn't live with just my trusty 110 Defender, one so I've went out and bought a TVR Sagaris.

Landrover :
Landy was bought purposely to modify and then go and explore Iceland. It's done that I've just never got rid of it since. To do the Iceland trip it was severely changed since I got it.

Patriot roof rack, roof tent (now removed), new winch, intercooler, diff guard, rear tank guard, Zu Alloys, snorkel and of course spots. It, in true PH stylee has been remapped.

Don't know what else it's needing at the moment it seems to be what they call "Sorted" the occasional bit of care and attention keeps it running.


Still getting used to it - it's Chameleon Green and compared my previous motor it's rather subdued. We can have a conversation at anything above 40Mph without shouting, my wife can arrive somewhere and her hair is still in place. Not as loud as the Cobra was but still as stylish and different. Loving it.
Couple of minor irritations have been fixed on it - minor things like the front left hand speaker would occasionally drop out - an easy fix.