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Nickname: Fer
Name: Chris
Member Since: 13th December 2000
Total Posts: 7,103
Occupation: Geek released into the community 
Region: West Windsor :o) 
Country: United Kingdom 
Now driving a Merc estate, so I can get bikes and other sh!t in the back, but still hankering after a rag-top of some description.

<br>Willing to offer what advice I can, and always ready to listen to a PH'er in need. Not much use to be honest, but at least I will listen. <br><br>Realises PH is more than a web site, and hopes to give a little back to the site in what ever way I can. <br><br>I try to be self-depreciative, but I am not very good at it. <br><br>Enough BS, go post something inteligant. (Spelling optional, as you will come to recognise <img src="/inc/images/smile.gif" alt="smile"> )<br></div>