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Nickname: ali_kat ali_kat's car
Name: Ali
Member Since: 28th November 2005
Total Posts: 28,637
Occupation: PH Addict 
Region: Warwickshire 
Country: United Kingdom 
Currently, I'm raising funds for Marie Curie in memory of my Mum, Thanks to PH (The Lounge was given a vote), I will be shaving my head completely on 29th November 2014, at the Hotel du vin, Birmingham


Some people are like Slinkies: Not really good for anything, but they still bring a smile to your face when you push them down a flight of stairs. smile The list of people I want to do that to is growing! biggrin

Have you ever seen a p155ed off lion? Never make a Kat angry........ they bear grudges and will get you back when you least expect laugh

AKA - the angel the devil warns you about

Love cars, especially TVRs, and boats, and...

If I sound like a cow, its cause I am. I'm also lovable, sometimes charming, sometimes witty, and a loyal friend.