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Nickname: smele
Name: Smele
Member Since: 24th August 2000
Total Posts: 1,284
Occupation: Electronic Designs 
Region: Southampton 
Country: United Kingdom 
My Website: http://www.lotelle.com
<div>Now... <br><br>Live in Southampton, see the live view of the docks www.smele.com There are thousands of Mini's and Land Rovers waiting to be shipped out. <br><br>Previously... <br>Now live in Tokyo...Not sure why I have moved here. Everything is very expensive. Parking near where I live is 300 pounds a month. Now I remember, crazy turbo cars with more wings than a plane, sashimi, shochu, wierd kinky bars, electric toilets, beer and sake vending machines on the street and just generally some of the wierdest experiences on the planet. <br><br>Have a look at my blog for some info on Tokyo <a href="<a href="http://www.spicedcouple.com">"> www.spicedcouple.com"></a><a href=" www.spicedcouple.com"><a href="http://www.spicedcouple.com"> www.spicedcouple.com</a></a></a> <br><br>More Previously... <br>Now live in Seattle...Not sure why I moved here from the UK. The weather is no better, in fact it even rains more here in Seattle than it does in the UK. Now I remember why I moved here, V8's, cheap petrol and snowboarding 90 mins from the office. <br><br></div>