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Nickname: T-Rev T-Rev's car
Name: Trevor Willard
Member Since: 7th February 2001
Total Posts: 79
Occupation: Motor Trade Professional 
Region: East Sussex 
Country: United Kingdom 
My Website: www.trevorwillardracing.co.uk
I currently own T81GJF Ultima GTR, as featured on www.ultimasports.co.uk and various publications. Purchased in Apr'07, would love to have built one, but business and family commitments prevented that, so went for one already built. I can also confirm, like many competition or high performance cars, the GTR is also a labour of love - it needs regular TLC! I am a real petrol head, having been involved in motor sport since my younger days (too long ago to reveal). I've competed in MSA Sprints, Speed events and Hill Climbs at Club level and more recently raced in the pinacle of Club level motor sport (IMHO)... Sports 2000! I've also previously officiated in running Sprints and Hill Climbs, been Chairman and Director of a Motor Club, organised and run Track Days for 14 years (currently taking a break)! More info on my web site.