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Nickname: tvrtuscans tvrtuscans's car
Name: Tony Martin
Member Since: 3rd September 2006
Total Posts: 806
Occupation: Guinness Adorer,Change Junkie and Professional Nosey Parker 
Region: Buckinghamshire 
Country: United Kingdom 
My Website: twpclimited.com
Sagaris RT (Road/Track) Prototype. Chassis Number 001.Date of Manufacture 18th November 2004. Photo at the Jan 2005 NEC Auto Sport Show on the Pipercross stand.

Conceived and badged 'RT' by John Reid, TVR's Director of Motorsport, as a Sagaris Road/Track-day car (to run alongside the Tuscan Challenge series cars), it has "more power, open slats,different suspension, and a lightweight body and interior"

Built under the supervision of Mike Bennison, Line Forman,outside the Line Forman's office (where all 'specials' were built) around a month after construction, TVR decided to kill off a Sagaris/SP6 replacement to the Tuscan Challenge series, and the notion of manufacturing the Sagaris RT was shelved, with production focussing on the Sagaris road car. This vehicle is therefore the only RT ever built.

Originally painted just red, sometime in December 2004, it was given its rather 'distinctive' yellow stripe; these are John Reid's racing colours.

Road registered on the 20th January 2005, this vehicle then was at various points, John Reid's and then NS's 'company car'; it finally became a development mule for TVR in the spring of 2005. The factory records show the vehicle has had at least two engines, three gearboxes (including the experimental sequential dog box used in the Le Mans cars), and two differentials, as well as numerous other modifications.

It was lent to stunt driver Terry Grant; in June 2006 it broke the Guinness World Record for the number of consecutive donuts in a car - 73.

Bought directly from TVR, it has never been re-built, and with the exception of some paintwork (by Surface & Design - re-sprayed in the same spray booth it was originally sprayed in by the same bloke who sprayed it originally), it is exactly as it left the factory, including its original Sparko seats, PI Research Datalogger, Scorpion exhausts, Compomotive wheels,unique Sagaris RT boot badge and.....tax disc holder! It's a little bit of TVR/British motoring history so originality is absolutely everything.....and......its completely insane.....Car featured on the TVR CC stand at the Nov 2012 NEC Classic Car Show.

Also own the T350 Pre-Production Prototype and Press Car....THE progenitor of all T350's and Sagaris'.

I previously owned a:

- 2003 TuscanS Mk1 which basically did exactly what it said on the can...and a
- 1998 4.5 Cerbera. Body off concourse rebuild by Darren Field of Radtech. Car featured on the TVR CC stand at the Nov 2012 NEC Classic Car Show. Perfect and immaculate. An epic machine.