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Nickname: Jaguar steve Jaguar steve's car
Name: Steve
Member Since: 25th October 2006
Total Posts: 3,689
Occupation: Full time Gentleman at leisure 
Region: Bordering the Essex Badlands 
Country: United Kingdom 
Current Cars. Jaguar XJ V8 and Citroen Berlingo Multiscrape.

Some Vaugely Interesting History.
Mk 1 Cortina with modified 1500 gt engine.
Mk 1 Escort 1300E with Holbay/Swaymar Racing 1630 x-flow.
Lightly tuned Peugeot 205 Gti.
E30 BMW.
Probably too many XJ6 and XJ8 Jaguars.

Some Deeply Uninteresting History.
Peugeot 206 Gti.
Several decades of daily driver battered and scabby old French sheds eventually all killed to death by enormous mileages and relentless abuse.

I'd much rather be out sailing than out driving...