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Nickname: F.C. F.C.'s car
Name: Tony Tyson
Member Since: 30th December 2006
Total Posts: 3,482
Occupation: No ta 
Country: United Kingdom 
From new M3 superb engine and engine management POOR finish overall, great on open road cqrap in town.
Also from new 911 Turbo. Hard act to follow for a complete EVERY DAY performance / handling package. A little un-envolving due to electronic interferance.
Noble M400 Superb car nothing to touch it this side of an F40.
F430....nice! not as quick off the mark as the M400 but it makes up for it at higher speeds, plus the soundtrack is unbeatable, Carbon Ceramic brakes should be standard on any performance car they are just in a different league.
Lotus Exige S (240) lovely to flick around and abuse!!
Audi A8 Luxobarge. nuff said.
citroen c5 diesel estate good workhorse.
Ultima GTR LSX Supercharged
Not for the feint of heart!!