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Nickname: VictorMeldrew VictorMeldrew's car
Member Since: 15th March 2001
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Disclaimer. I am not a road safety expert, a legal expert, an engineer, a politician, a climate changescientist, or any other type of expert, just an ordinary Joe, and anything in this post is purely my opinion, before any pious, pompous, pedantic self appointed guardians of the truth and vested interests get upset about my incomplete understanding of their highly complex and often misunderstood area of expertise and feels the need to engage in unnecessary personal insults. IMHO, QED.

Actually, I've decided PistonHeads is no longer a place I want to spend time. Too many trolls, too many experts just out to belittle people, too many entrenched keyboard warriors who won't let it lie, too many idiots with basic lack of reading and/or comprehension skills just out to pick a fight. FAR too many wolf packs ready to round on individuals for no good reason. In short, not a good place, and not the place it was 12 years ago when I first came here.

I am out of here, and I won't be back.