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Nickname: Gaffer Gaffer's car
Name: Claire C
Member Since: 16th March 2001
Total Posts: 7,118
Occupation: Professional Spender 
Region: Dubai 
Country: United Arab Emirates 
Born in Wigan, brought up in Blackpool. Now live in Tripoli, Libya (the cars are still in the UK).

Crashed my first TVR aged 3, shared the dog seat with Sam in the White Elephant, was the test dummy for the first 4 seater TVR. Also ran all over Staffordshire hearding PW cows one weekend..!

Now I own two TVR's - the beautiful Miss Daisy now -sometimes- renamed Poser in memory of Dad (who was also know as Pal and Mr.TVR) and also Candy, the Pre-Production Candy Apple Pearl Red Sagaris or as Derestrictor calls her "Gafferlogical Protogaris".

Dad was (amongst other roles) General Manager/Test driver/Transport Manager at TVR for 30 years until he left us in May 2006 to go to the great bar and test track in the sky.

Mum was working at TVR as the Warranty Manager, until TVR's closure at Christmas 2006.