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Nickname: fildigger fildigger's car
Name: Philip Pearson
Member Since: 23rd March 2007
Total Posts: 1,095
Occupation: Plant Operator 
Region: Derby 
Country: United Kingdom 
Male, 47 yrs (according to Birth cert')
Ex' Army
Ex' Wealthy
Ex'Tinct...(according to my Death Cert')

Had all sorts of motors...from the age of 18.. had Opel Manta GTE, Porsche 924, Lotus Eclat.!!. Capri 2.8i and many more..
BMW of all sorts from E21 to E39's (several M3's).
Merc' exec's such as E300's 320D 190E Cosworth.
Lexus GS300 Sports.
Yankie stuff such as 82 Camaro and a '69 Camaro, Chevy Silverado's, Ford F150 and a few Motorhomes (all V8's)
Subaru P1's & Forester STi
Stacks of 4x4 stuff, inc' Landcruiser VX4.2D's, Isuzu Vehicross, Pajero's, Landrovers/Range Rovers and many Jap' quad-cab Pick-up's.

Lost track of the cars i've owned!

Current Vehicle (from April '12-on) is a Holden Monaro CV8.