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Nickname: marshall100
Name: Marsh
Member Since: 19th July 2007
Total Posts: 883
Occupation: Manager at Plumbers Merchant... 
Region: south west 
Country: United Kingdom 
The prius, that's enough to put most people off from the get go, and it is indeed a white good in the world of cars. And it's terrible. But it keeps the tax man off my back, and I'm er........saving the world or something.

Anyway, that's the painful bit out of the way. Cars, anything with an engine in it floats my boat. Always wanted to be a racing driver, but now live in a part of the world that would make such activity stupendously expensive. So I race quad bikes (occasionally) and have a road legal bike that I like to go hooning round Cornwall at sub legal speeds. Honest officer.

Had my fair share of motors that I really enjoyed, sadly I'm a bit bitter and don't really think you can use modern cars on the road in the manner in which you should be able to. Kinda ruined motoring really. But I still love cars.