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Nickname: Mr Tank Mr Tank's car
Name: Andy Hutcheson
Member Since: 28th May 2001
Total Posts: 5,458
Occupation: Driver/retired 
Region: Cambridgeshire. 
Country: United Kingdom 
TVR's and other cars I own at present.

Tasmin FHC num 2. Tasmin/280i S2 FHC. 280i S3 (The first S3.). 350i (num 1 the first production car.). SX350 (The last SX made.). 350SE num 21 (This is in fact the last 350ii/350SE made.). 450SE. 450SEAC. 420SEAC (The factory race SEAC. The Yellow Beast.). Cerbera 4.5. Trident Venturer (V6.).
Range Rover 4.4 Vogue SE. For every day use a VH Insignia Elite

TVRs I have owned.

3000M. Taimar x 3. Taimar Turbo. Tasmin FHC num 30. 350i S1 3rd pre-production car and ex-factory press car. 350i S1 x 3 including chassis num 20 and num 40. 350i FHC. 350i S2 x 2. 400SE. "S 3". Chimaera x 5. Cerbera S6 x 2. Tuscan Challenge Car (Ex Rollcentre Racing num 88.).