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Nickname: Harsh Harsh's car
Name: Bachi 'Harsh' Mehta
Member Since: 17th September 2006
Total Posts: 4,543
Occupation: various 
Region: London 
Country: United Kingdom 
My Website: www.petrolheadnirvana.com
At what point did Adults grow up and forget how to play?

I'm busy doing lots of things, some of them car related.

I run Petrolhead Nirvana - A driving tours company aimed at true petrolheads, (the official PH tour company no less)
Run with PH'er 'verysideways' no idea why he's called that, no idea at all.

I'm also on the board of the best PR and Media company out there...(i know i would say that but i also know it's true!)

Also, a building company - the type that does things right, owned with 2 other PH'ers....

I also try and help these guys The Sporting Bears when i can as well as helping to arrange two other major charity events every year.

Not much apart from that though......