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Nickname: V8S V8S's car
Name: Graham
Member Since: 3rd July 2004
Total Posts: 8,475
Occupation: I occasionally tap a keyboard 
Region: South West 
Country: United Kingdom 
My Website: http://www.caringwithcars.com
Have organised a number of events and runs in the past few years including:

- Cheddar Gorge meets
- The Raleigh Rally 2009
- Motors at the Manor 2009
- Caring with Cars 2011
- The Raleigh Rally 2011
- Caring with Cars 2012

My interests include driving the Tiv, washing the Tiv, polishing the Tiv, driving the Tiv, getting into the Tiv, driving the Tiv and buying petrol. Buying petrol is a major hobby of mine.