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Name: Graham V
Member Since: 29th January 2007
Total Posts: 2,242
Region: Staffordshire-Peak District 
Country: United Kingdom 
My Website: www.varleyhyd.com/FJ062.asp

I have refined my car with many minor fixes and discreet modifications making it handle like a dream, nice and cool in the summer, leak and rattle free.
Fully dismantled during winter 2009-10, every nut bolt, bearing bush and washer has been replaced. All suspension fabrications and parts re-welded and zinc powder coated. Carbon items zinc & gold passivated, Aluminium parts polished & anodized.
Engine 4,3 litre by STR8-SIX blueprinted and built with TVR Power crank & rods.

A few of the sagaris specific improvements, I have posted here on PH, but this is my Sagaris pages web link . That will be useful for Tuscan, T350, Tamora, and Cerbera Speed Six's

G smile