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Wednesday 10th October 2012 quote quote all
Any legal bods able to clarify where I stand on this?

I sold a leasehold flat in July to a cash buyer. All the legal work was sorted by both sides including the management fee. When I completed on the property, I was assured that everything was up to date with regards to management fees etc and as far as I was aware, I was no longer responsible for the property/management fees.

A letter has just arrived at my home today (I'm working away so won't get a chance to see the letter until I get home next week) which was addressed to me at the address which I no longer own-it was forwarded to me by Royal Mail redirection.

In it, the gist of it states that they've had to readjust the service charge fees for the FY 2010-2011 by an amount that works out roughly 38% of the annual service charge fee and that I have to pay it. I haven't had a chance to speak to my solicitor who dealt with the property yet so I'm hoping for some direction on this. Do I have to pay this excess which was caused by the management's company inability to budget or am I not responsible for it as I have not been the legal owner of the property for 3 months?

If I have to pay it, then I will but I begrudge having to do so when I am not the legal owner and when they are taking the proverbial with the amount of the deficit.


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Wednesday 10th October 2012 quote quote all
Do you have a contract (or did you) and if so what does it say?

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