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XC90 - Can you improve the turning circle?

XC90 - Can you improve the turning circle?



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Friday 10th August 2012
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We have an 04 XC90D5 SE with standard wheels - the wife is struggling with the turning circle being so bad - is there anything that can be done to improve this? currently running scorpions with approx 38/39 psu - would narrower tyres, high pressures,different wheels etc help or is that pretty much as it is?


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Saturday 11th August 2012
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Check to see if there are stops on the wishbones, it may be set up for wider rims if you have bought it second hand. I don't know if this is actually valid for XC90s, but it is a problem on 70s. Otherwise, get used to large 3 point turns!


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Thursday 16th August 2012
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try a V70R, you will then realise how good the turning circle is


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Saturday 18th August 2012
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remember any limiting devices on the steering may be there to stop the CV joints being forced over angle, not just to stop the tyres rubbing! if you tweak it, you will put more strain on the rubber and the joint itself, so the rubber may be pulled off or split and the joint itself may fail on your new full lock!


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Friday 7th September 2012
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IME it's just bad. Nothing you can do.

On the plus side, you get used to three point turns which has to be a bonus for your getaway driving skills.