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Thursday 11th October 2012
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sent my V55 off last friday and got my new VRM this morning !!! how quick is that ???? well done DVLA


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Thursday 11th October 2012
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Well be grateful while it lasts. From next year all the great work our local DVLA centers do will be gone. As they are closing all of them and centralising the lot from Swansea.


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Monday 15th October 2012
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I just checked that little fact, and am horrified that they are indeed closing our local DVLA office.

How the hell do I go about getting plates and V5 for a car they want to inspect now ? I am fked if I am trailering a Camaro from Corwall to Swansea.

Are they going to have any mobile inspectors or anything ?


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Wednesday 17th October 2012
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The guy at the Chelmsford DVLA told me that you'll have to take your car to your local VOSA station in future for inspections and look forwards to big waiting lists