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Saturday 22nd January 2011 quote quote all
Porsche911GT3 said:
Not worky


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Sunday 23rd January 2011 quote quote all
Hmm - seems to be a bit of blatant thread resurrection going on here, but to keep things in the one place, here is the class of 2011 from my lens. This was Thursday and I am afraid that I spent most of my time shooting cars and catching up with mates so there are ever fewer. The general consensus across the many threads this year was that Ginetta won this time.

Be nice with any comments and feel free to resurrect again in another 12 months.


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Thursday 14th July 2011 quote quote all
MikeO996]8ste said:

This is the one for me, Mmmmmm


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Wednesday 31st August 2011 quote quote all
nice to look at but a nightmare to live with


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Friday 2nd September 2011 quote quote all
madal said:
nice to look at but a nightmare to live with
...she your mum, is she? biggrin:

Nom de ploom

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Tuesday 11th October 2011 quote quote all
doesnt post much said:

I'll not be buying Lucas Oils if that's the best they can do!

the one on the left is Kate Brox - local lass, very nice person.

I thought she had quit modelling...

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