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Saturday 8th September 2012 quote quote all
I'm thinking of fitting a flash lube system to my amazon for te LPG system
Does anyone have Amy comments in the flash lube systems


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Sunday 9th September 2012 quote quote all

There's a number of threads on there about flash lub systems on amazons.

Ray Luxury-Yacht

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Monday 1st October 2012 quote quote all
I had an LPG conversion done on a Mk.4 ford Fiesta, of all things - and part of the conversion was one of these 'Flashlube' systems.

The car, when converted, had 22,000 miles on it.

The installer made great pains to gravely inform me that the Flashlube system was like life and death - 'especially on one of these older Ford engines - without this system, the head and valves will be scrap within weeks...'

Apart from the 5-litre bottles of the Flashlube stuff costing a fortune, I was forever sodding about with the delivery adjuster - I'd set it as per the instructions, but after a week or two it either stopped delivering altogether, or went bananas and delivered loads, emptying the bottle in a day or two. Most frustrating.

So, I did what anyone would probably do with a crappy bit of kit - I tore it all out and ran the car without it.

I sold the car with 155,000 miles on it, with the engine still running sweetly with no apparrent ill effects.

I think it's Snake Oil, FWIW...


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Sunday 7th October 2012 quote quote all
I guess it depends on the engine, regarding LPG. If anything, it seems more modern V8's etc are more sensitive to LPG than the older 'boat anchor' engines.

My 4.0 Jeep Cherokee, as a whole ran really well on LPG without any additional fussy lubrication systems. But as I say, the engine wasn't the last word of modern-tech.


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Wednesday 24th October 2012 quote quote all
tbh the new electronic delivery systems are great, does away with the drip feed thing.
i would run one on a v8 or modern engine tbh just for peace of mind. my bros v8 grand cherokee started to suffer valve problems after about 80k that was expensive, a flashlube is cheap compared to that.
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