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Wednesday 17th December 2008
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Please read this smile

Firstly, welcome to PistonHeads and thanks for joining up. When you signed up for your account you will have noticed in the posting rules that you cannot post in the Pie & Piston forum for a short while. By now you are probably wondering why that is?

The P&P as we like to call it is a place for any banter that is not car related. In here you can chat about the weather, the state of the nation or simply ask what colour you should paint your living room. The trouble is that this area can attract the wrong sort of new member, you know the sort, the chap who chooses a lads mag for a quiet read, or stays up late to catch the 5 minute freeview on the Adult Channel.

Now we know you aren’t like that, but we need to keep this area safe. Think of it as a small members club open to those who have enjoyed our car section for a couple of weeks or so before being allowed their place at the bar. You are more than welcome to read this section, enjoy its content and get a feel for how it works and after 14 days of membership you will be able to post in the section and become one of the regulars.

For now, enjoy PH and as the UKs largest motoring community I’m sure you’ll find plenty of discussions to join on the other forums and if you want to talk to me directly, please send an e- mail through my profile.

This will be news to our current members too, and we hope you appreciate our efforts to keep P&P troll free, and a nicer place to be in the school holidays.