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Monday 2nd April 2012 quote quote all
Hi there,

Just finished this car over a two yr running resto period, Paint is Monza Red sprayed by me in Cellulose in my single garage, two panels at a time, so glad its done smile
Wheels are Cragar 500's 7x15" polished alloy, I love em, cheers Damian


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Tuesday 3rd April 2012 quote quote all
Looks good. Fancy respraying mine? Might be better off posting this in the Classic forum where there's more life for older vehicles.


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Friday 13th July 2012 quote quote all
Just saw this baby - swooned - the P6 3500S is where I got my love of V8's from

When I were a lad there was a police sergeant who lived a few doors along from us called Mr Bernie

Well he was a serious petrolhead like my old man - my dad liked twin cam straight sixes(Jags, to be precise) but Mr Bernie always had a V8 - before the Rover he had a P5B coupe and before that a Daimler 250 V8.

Anyway this car was stunning - in Mexico Brown with a Dark Vynil roof and Tobacco leather. 3-spoke steering wheel.Of course it was a Manual, with cast magnesium wheels with the Rover Logo in a greyish colour - never seen them on any other 3500 but boy were they lovely.

Mr Bernie was a serious tuner and he had a big exhaust that used to make our wooden sash windows vibrate as he rumbled past - HRB888N was the reg - one of the last ones I believe.

I always smile when I see one and if I had a bigger garage I would buy one to cherish

Nice paint job, by the way.


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Monday 10th December 2012 quote quote all
Lovely car love the finish. I still regret selling mine :-(


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44 months

Sunday 30th December 2012 quote quote all
Nice job Damian saw your car at Bristol car show and it looks just as good in real life, well done it looks great.
Couple of questions, how did you get the rear lamp lenses all red?
I want to get shot of my wing mirrors and have an overtaking mirror like yours, how do you get on with it?
Thanks Steve


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Wednesday 2nd January 2013 quote quote all
That car is a delight to my eyes. Well done.


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Friday 4th January 2013 quote quote all


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Monday 2nd September 2013 quote quote all
Lovely, lovely cars. Brilliantly engineered and a delight to drive. I miss my 3500S a lot - unfortunately P6s rust like nothing on earth...
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