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Friday 5th October 2012 quote quote all
May seem an odd one but can you make the old Austin/Morris 1100/1300 handle? , as they are basically bigger Mini’s.
Was thinking of possibly building a sleeper with a modern engine and discs brakes. Guess you would need to change to coil-overs rather than the hydro-elastic suspension, and fit bigger diameter wheels to fit bigger brakes. With perhaps something like 185/55*15” tyres.
Not looking for something with mega-handling more something could have fun with as a sleeper.

aw51 121565

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Monday 22nd October 2012 quote quote all
With the greatest of respect, I would say that these cars handle pretty well "out of the box" (I used to swap between a Mini Mayfair and a Morris 1300GT in the early '90s, and they were both much of a muchness handling-wise cloud9 , whereas a Vanden Plas Allegro I also had access to at that time felt like a beached whale in comparison with its lurching about in corners vomit ). Period road tests mention the possibility of the rear end going light under heavy braking, as well as 'lift off oversteer' in the corners in the more powerful versions (so like an '80s/'90s Peugeot GTI then wink ).

There's also the "four square bouncing" above about 42mph (like sharing a water bed with a hoppopotamus) which is, errm, novel biggrin .

But they have a soft ride (unlike modern stuff) while feeling like a hot rubber ball in the corners (pulling bits of the road up as it sticks so well).

And this was on 155-width tyres.

I can see why you'd like wider tyres, but the basic suspension is fine (as is the car in my view, apart from the rust frown ).

Happy days cloud9 ...


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Tuesday 23rd October 2012 quote quote all
I agree, only add that the hydrolastic suspension may bring up some problems as no new displacer unist are available today, and they tend to fail especialy if the car is driven hard.


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Tuesday 23rd October 2012 quote quote all
Trying to fit coil springs would be difficult. Like a Mini, the space available for coils is very short and you would need high-rising-rate springs for them to work. You would end up doing a lot of experimenting to get anywhere near right.
The solution might be to fit adjustable dampers to specially made brackets and strengthening the shell to take the damper loads out.
One might wonder if it's all worth the trouble as it would probably de-value the car as well, despite costing rather a lot to do.
The 1100/1300 was a fine road-holding and good handling car in its day and if they had been fitted with a better engine would have been very quick cars. The MG1300 was great to drive.

Phil Hill

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Tuesday 23rd October 2012 quote quote all
I'm sure I read an article where Gerald Dale converted a three door 1300 to use Mini Rubber cones for racing, in effect they created an Austin 1300 shaped Miglia. I'm not sure how involved that would be, and of course the 1300 would be slightly heavier than a mini, but at least there would be other options available like uprated cones.



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Wednesday 24th October 2012 quote quote all
there is a 1300 round here thats got coil overs and (i think) a 1800 k series fitted to it.

its meant to be quite a weapon....


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Sunday 28th April 2013 quote quote all
Just found this thread - one of my first cars was an MG1300 in 1986/7 - my mates were running 1300 Mk 2 escorts and the MG would easily out perform them. When the old girl finally rusted out, the engine made it's way into my Mini Cooper hillclimber with 310 degree scatter cam and Longman head running twin 1.75" SUs - thinking back, that would have been fun in the 1300...

I do remember a 1300 called Ethel doing well in saloon cars in the late 70s. The great thing about the Hydro suspension was the ride quality - from a handling perspective, once it's on the bump stops, there's no difference from coil overs - much cheaper too. I think these days people don't like extreme angles as the tyres won't work - skinny tyres don't suffer so much and they were great fun to drive.

My MG was a 70/G car in BRG with black leather and walnut trim - my mates laughed when I first turned up in in, but soon became fans when it put the Fords to shame.


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Sunday 28th April 2013 quote quote all
You might try having a word with CCK Historic's,they have just had a 11/1300 featured in "Retro Cars" Magazine in the last 2 or 3 months used for Historic Racing it looked like tremendous fun www.cckhistoric.com


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Monday 29th April 2013 quote quote all
The 1100/1300 did used to handle remarkably well. The problem was the weight when the car was in the same class as the Cooper 'S' 1071/1275. The steering ratio of the 1100/1300 was, from memory, too low geared, but that could be addressed with a bit of creative work.
The car was used as a rally car by the 'works', but was overshadowed by the Mini.


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Monday 29th April 2013 quote quote all
Glad I stumbled upon this thread , having owned my Austin 1300 MK ii for 2 years.
I always thought it handled a treat, but assumed it was pink goggles
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