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Tuesday 21st February 2012 quote quote all
Hey all - just moved to Union Sq area with my girlfriend and she has a better social life than me! She works for a big movie company and is American so knows loads of peeps (I blame that, rather than me being socially inept). If anyone's about, or has ideas on where to go give me a shout - cheers.


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Tuesday 21st February 2012 quote quote all
Welcome to NYC!

Union Sq will put a dent in your PistonHeads aspirations. I am guessing you do not have a car? However the Union sq neighborhood will improve your social life - so much to do and explore - you will have a great time.

Expat Aussie here. I am in Exchange Place Jersey City just across the Hudson River - about 1.5 miles straightline from you. Apart from giving me more space for less money it also has two parking spaces for the daily driver and the Caterham.

Before I start suggesting ideas at random - what are you into?



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Tuesday 28th February 2012 quote quote all
Yep, I live on the Upper East Side


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Saturday 18th August 2012 quote quote all
I live over in Brooklyn but with an office in the Meatpacking District.

Captain Cadillac

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Monday 27th August 2012 quote quote all
I'm just over the GWB in Jersey.

Car stuff... Manhattan... Umm....


Theres a cars and croissants meet in the wilds of Jersey a couple times a month, I rarely get to go but I've brought the Lincoln there before as well as the M5.

Most stuff is out in the suburbs.
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