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Gadget Cover From Adrian Flux Insurance

Gadget Cover From Adrian Flux Insurance



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Monday 19th March 2012
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Cancel your mobile phone insurance - you don’t need it anymore.

A new gadget insurance policy has been launched by Adrian Flux that covers everything from your phone to your laptop, tablet and sat nav for a wallet-friendly £39.99 a year.

  • Flux Gadget covers accidental damage and loss, theft, and breakdown, and includes overseas cover for up to 60 days a year.
  • Policyholders can claim up to £1000 a maximum of twice per year.
  • The cover compares favourably with insurance offers from mobile phone providers, which typically cost more than £50. For that money, the Flux policy throws in cover for all your other gadgets as well.
The policy covers mobile phones, tablets, laptops, PDAs, sat navs, MP3 players, digital cameras, portable DVD players, LCD monitors and portable games consoles.

For a free quote call on 0800 369 8586 or visit www.adrianflux.co.uk


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Friday 29th May 2015
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Just rung up to take a Gadget Policy out and Adrian Flux told me they no longer offer Gadget Insurance, except as an add-on to another pre-existing policy.

Not very good :-(