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Adrian Flux Breakdown Rescue

Adrian Flux Breakdown Rescue


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Thursday 22nd March 2012
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The chances are that at some point in your motoring life, your car will break down.
And to make sure that you don’t suffer the same fate, you’ll need an affordable and speedy recovery service.

Flux Rescue ticks both of these boxes, with a cost of just £62 a year for standard cars, including roadside assistance and home start - less than half the cost for similar levels of cover offered by the AA or RAC.

With motorway towing charges up to £150, the average garage call-out at about £90 and a call-out to a car with a flat battery at £66, it’s something of a no brainer.
And you don’t need to have your car or motorcycle insured with Adrian Flux to take out a policy.

Call 0800 369 8586 or visit www.adrianflux.co.uk/extras/flux-rescue/1/


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Sunday 15th April 2012
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Will it cover me in Europe? ;-)


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Monday 19th August 2013
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You now need to have Flux car insurance before they will give you breakdown cover frown


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Friday 28th February 2014
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Thanks for your sharing!It's very good useful to me.


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Monday 9th June 2014
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Just to say that I have just called Adrian Flux and you don't need to have insurance with them in order to get the breakdown cover which £68 and covers prety much everything in UK and Europe.



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Sunday 15th June 2014
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I'm insured with them so it is discounted to £36 including European cover if you buy it at policy start, it even covers classics. All set for my trip to Spa!