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Dilema, £85K to spend but which set of wheels and why ?

Dilema, £85K to spend but which set of wheels and why ?



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Tuesday 27th March 2012
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What sports car would buy with £85k in your pocket ?
Thinking of something English, quirky and fast
Maybe the New Morgan +8

Your thoughts ?

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Friday 18th May 2012
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What a dilema to have Carl.....you lucky chap!


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Friday 31st August 2012
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Get out and drive what you like the idea of is the best advice I think anyone can give. I think you really need to 'love' a car when spending this money so work through your list of dream cars and see whats feasible. :-) enjoy!


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Wednesday 5th September 2012
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I'm buying the new Roadster and have tried the new +8. I found the latter to,be over powered.... Personally speaking, speeds over 90 in a Morgan feel a bit lethal! So the +8 is just too grunty for the body, for my tastes.

85 would buy you a Porsche, used DB9, XKR.... There's loads of choice.

I love Morgans for their look and grass roots handling. I'm currently whizzing about in a borrowed 4/4 Sports, only a 1600 engine, but it's a lot of fun. Try before you buy.... smile


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Wednesday 5th September 2012
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A new Morgan would be a great choice. I'd add the V8 Vantage to NDA's list of alternatives, if that kind of car is on your list.


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Wednesday 5th December 2012
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I went through a similar process recently and went for a used aero supersports. I looked at and tried various other options, including aston, ferrari, lambo etc but ultimately wanted to buy british, something unusual and fun, and the added advantage is that everyone else loves it too and you never see another one. Highly recommended for the driving experience too!