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Wednesday 12th September 2012 quote quote all
A friend of mine took his bog stock (80db in the noise test smile ) MG ZS on the track at Castle Coombe last weekend , brakes coped with 6 laps just and car did really well , there was a turbo'ed MX5 mk1 behind him for most of the laps and the MG pulled away from it on the corners as well

He paid around £800 for this car as it needed a little work doing, we plan to upgrade the brakes and fit some better tyres as his stock ones were pretty goosed after the track

It was his first time ever on track and he had a ball

I'm after one now smile , was thinking about a MX5 as a track toy but last weekend has me convinced so im looking for a tidy yellow or blue one


I detailed it for him a few weeks back


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Friday 14th September 2012 quote quote all
Looks like a fun day was had..thumbup I struggle to think of another car that like the ZS 180 offers so much for so little!

Wicker Man

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Friday 14th September 2012 quote quote all
Looks like a fantastic buy for ~ £800!

My ZS 180 is surplus to requirements, after a change of plan. Says blue on the logbook! More details
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