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Saturday 29th September 2012 quote quote all
I bought the passemger airbag deactivation switch from Ford for my 2008 Ford Galaxy which I have fitted. If I turn the switch off, the airbag light remains on when I run the car which I would expect. However if I turn it on, the light goes out, but comes back on after about 5 seconds and remains on.

There was an obvious connector to plug into the switch so I'm not sure what I could have done wrong.

Does something need to be reset / reprogrammed now I've fitted the switch?


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Monday 5th November 2012 quote quote all
Honestly I would not mess about where airbags are concerned - if it went off with a rear facing child seat you could be attending your kids funeral - get it to a ford dealer I would imagine it is going to need a software change aswell as the switch.

Kids are better in the back though IMHO

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