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Tuesday 2nd October 2012 quote quote all
Have recently read,

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Jefferies


Instant Confidence Paul Mckenna.

Just wondered if anyone would reccomend and similiar or if anyone who has read these books and what they've gone onto next..


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Thursday 24th January 2013 quote quote all
Read scott peck, the road less travelled and rollo may the discovery of being. A bit further on from self help books but still a must read.


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Thursday 24th January 2013 quote quote all
My favourite book of all time and free either via amazon or in PDF form from various places on the internet 'As a man thinketh'


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Monday 28th January 2013 quote quote all
The Consolations of Philosophy.

Alain de Botton.


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Tuesday 29th January 2013 quote quote all
Derren Brown reposted something of Alains on twitter recently. He has some great thoughts
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