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Top Gear Guide to watches just hit the mat

Top Gear Guide to watches just hit the mat


Adrian W

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Monday 8th October 2012
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Interesting read, the Chopard Engine One Tourbillon on the back is simply stunning


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Monday 8th October 2012
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Just about every monthly car mag has a regular watch article now, there was a whole magazine with the last Octane. With the World supposedly in recession for the last few years (I guess that'd depend on where in the World you live!) cars and watches seem to be bucking the trend with people seemingly investing more and more money into them. Pagani, Ferrari, Jaguar and Porsche all have $$$$ cars soon to be launched and there's been a boom in watch and car auctions with top end models from Patek and Ferrari reaching ever increasing prices. Greubel Forsey, MB & F and Urwerk (amongst others) are also doing well.


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Tuesday 9th October 2012
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Feels like the late 80s, eh? And we all know where that led.....


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Wednesday 10th October 2012
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In the Space This Watch section, the picture captioned as an Omega Speedmaster(1) is actually of some sort of Breitling! Surprised they didn't spot that before it went to print.


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Thursday 11th October 2012
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GQ watch supplement this month too..