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Wednesday 10th October 2012 quote quote all
I'm told they're Ford, maybe Sierra 4x4.....correct ?

Either way, does anyone know part numbers/equivalents to search on please ?


PS I've also posted about Powerflex/Superflex bushes in General TVR if anyone has any comments on them.


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Wednesday 10th October 2012 quote quote all
CV joints are 2.0 sierra sapphire
There is another thread on here where I posted details. I'll find it for you...

This one

The original CV has a metal cover the rubber gaiter attaches to. The new one is a slightly different design which doesn't allow the plates between pairs of bolts (3 per CV then), if you want to retain these you reuse your original metal covers. They slot straight on though.

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Friday 12th October 2012 quote quote all
Hello and best regards from Hungary !

Yep the bearing in front are from ford sierra.

You can buy the cv joint by



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