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Tuesday 27th December 2011 quote quote all

I have a VW Polo 6N2 & am having a problem with the oil waring light on the dashboard flashing & beeping whenever I start the car & reach around 2000RPM (don't know if the RPM thing matters). It doesn't seem to matter wether the car is started from cold or warm, it happens ever time.

I'm thinking it could possibly be the oil pressure warning switch or the oil sensor but am not sure. Any advise would be greatly appreciated as I don't know what to do.



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Tuesday 27th December 2011 quote quote all
Saw a Fabia of the same age doing the same other day. Guessing it must be a sensor or something if the oil is OK


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Tuesday 27th December 2011 quote quote all
A scan with VCDS / vag-com should highlight what the car thinks is wrong with itself. smile Will do it myself if you are near me in Devon (Exmouth).

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Wednesday 28th December 2011 quote quote all
its got oil in it and its not rattling, right ?? If so oil pressure switch is likely. Probably wont log a code as its only a switch to ground, ECU cant really tell if its working or not, but easy enough to test with a multi meter.

If its got no oil, and its rattling, and the lights been on for some time, you might just need and engine.
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