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Thursday 28th June 2012 quote quote all
Now, I'm something of a technotard at the best of times, and have Googled this to find a miriad of baffling 'solutions'.

Can someone here help in plain English?

Computer at home works fine when trawling the 'net, but 'freezes' when trying to access Pistonheads only. Starts the page up, freezes, and gives an error message at the bottom of the screen telling me that "Pistonheads.com is not responding". I have to close IE and start again, only for it to freeze again and again if trying to get on here, but fine on anything else.

I'm using the computer at work for this, but would much prefer it if I could access the site at home too.

Any ideas for a simpleton?

Stu R

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Friday 29th June 2012 quote quote all
Try a different browser and see if it still happens. Google Chrome is my choice but there are others like Firefox and opera.


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Friday 29th June 2012 quote quote all
Maybe post it in the Website Feedback section.

Someone may know in there, use IE9 and never have a problem (had more probs using Chrome so binned it off).
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