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Wednesday 4th July 2012 quote quote all

can you take the injectors out without removing the whole plenum? i see there are a couple of bolds holding the fuel rail in place.




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Thursday 5th July 2012 quote quote all
You may get them out without removing the plenum but you may struggle to refit. It only takes a few minutes to remove the plenum and trumpet base then access is much easyer.
When fitting the injectors back in, i would push injectors into fuel rail first then push injectors into head.
I found it much easyer this way. Give the holes in the head a clean before you drop the injectors in.


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Thursday 5th July 2012 quote quote all

I'm pretty sure the plenum has to come off to get at the injectors.

When reassembling, use a little vaseline around the rubber seals. Worth replacing them if they look hard and old.

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