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Friday 13th July 2012 quote quote all
Hey guys,

Just thought I would give everyone a quick heads up that it is the 2012 Formula Student competition this week at Silverstone. If you have no plans and are after a day out, then head down. Entry is cheap, and I cannot emphasise the quality of some of the cars this year. I was judging yesterday, and was blown away.... some of the Univeristies have huge budgets and really do create some fantastic machines. The lower budget teams are just as interesting to see as you can clearly see how they have had to think very carefully about the design and build of the cars. Saturday will be sprint events, along with other dynamic events, and on Sunday is the big one - Endurance. It is a great day out, and interacting with the teams is a great opportunity to learn a few things/share knowledge. Below are a few videos to show you what it is all about if you are not sure...




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Friday 13th July 2012 quote quote all
Say hello to Princess FiFi for me smile
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