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Friday 13th July 2012 quote quote all
15 years ago after my divorce I looked at buying an S but never did since then I have had 2 Chimeras and now have a Tuscan but just bought this of ebay 320940403664 any ideas how to get it started
Thanks Colin


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Friday 13th July 2012 quote quote all
Looks like a bargain - if you can get it going. if the Ebay story is true you'll probably find the multi-pin connector for the "missing" immobiliser under the dash and behind the glove-box area. Pull down the carpet and the ECU and other bits will probably fall into the foot well and hopefully you'll see something that doesn't look right. Loads of tangled up wires held together with insulating tape is "normal" TVR though. laugh It probably left the factory like that. Where in Bedfordshire are you?


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Friday 13th July 2012 quote quote all
Surely an auto electrician will know what to do with it!!

Looks nice though in black.

Best of luck,



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Monday 16th July 2012 quote quote all
How "intelligent" is the immobiliser on an S?

I've bought and fitted numerous "remote starters" to bikes and they apretty much bypass ALL of the electrics associated with the ignition/starting cct.

Kits are available from £30 on eBay. It takes a hot feed from the battery, has an output to the ignition switch (12V) an output to the starter relay and an induction feed the wraps around the HT lead to sense a running motor and stop cranking.

TBH it's be pretty easy to bypass an "older" style of imobiliser, after all, all the car needs to start is 12V to the coil, fuel pump and starter...

If you're handy with amultimeter I reckon that's less than a day's effort to get it running.

I doubt the TVR style of imobiliser talks to the ECU...
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