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Thursday 8th November 2012 quote quote all

Quick PCM question, what software version does the 53 plate cayenne turbo come with?

Will I be able to use my 06 Boxster DVD disc with it? I have a spare after upgrading the maps before anyone asks:-)

997 642 255 03 is the part number off the disc, it has a photo of a cayenne on the DVD sleeve, disc has 04-2005 on it also. It has the postcode look up info on it.

Thx in advance.


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Friday 9th November 2012 quote quote all
...I think it might help if you put a title to the topic....

Richard Hamilton

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Friday 9th November 2012 quote quote all
I THINK that is the 2004 disk, so the system would need updating to run a later disk.

Press MAIN and TRIP at the same time, and it will show the software version screen. Scroll and select PCM. If it is shows an Actual version of 04035xxx then it is the original software.
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