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Pagani Huayra



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Monday 28th January 2013
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One very special motor car.

The attention to detail is astounding.

And quick too. Getting close to the Ultima GTR720 on road tyres at a bit over 1min 13secs on Top Gear last night (yes, I'm sad).

Shame I will never be in the position of having the funds to spend £800K + on a car.

Ah well, back to my slow old GTR then!!!!!!!!!



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Tuesday 29th January 2013
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Ok, I won't ignore you. smile
I think the Huayra looks really good too. Great details, some good styling points, and of course very fast. Much nicer than the Zonda, which looks, from the rear at least, like a home-made car, or so I always thought.


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Wednesday 30th January 2013
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yes looks better but will never sound as good

Why oh why doesnt the factory give them a car to take on the track..Dom


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Thursday 31st January 2013
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V8Dom said:
.....Why oh why doesnt the factory give them a car to take on the track..Dom
We've done this many times.

They don't want one on the show because it will piss all over the existing times then the likes of Pagani will never come back = end of the show.



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Saturday 2nd February 2013
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could not have said it better !